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Classic 70s Aqua Pearl
Classic 70s Aqua Pearl
Classic 70s Aqua Pearl
Classic 70s Aqua Pearl

Classic 70s Aqua Pearl

Flamingos Life
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The sustainable Flamingos Life Classic 70's sneaker for men and women is perfect for everyday life, looks super beautiful and stylish and, above all, is very comfortable thanks to the soft inner lining made of bamboo and organic cotton. They have a wider cut and offer plenty of space. In this new model, the insole has been redesigned and is much softer than previous models! For every sneaker sold, an additional 5 trees are planted! 

• The upper material is made from 68% corn waste and 32% organic cotton
• Details and front are made from recycled PET bottles
• The inner lining is made from 60% bamboo & 40% organic cotton
• The outsole is made from natural rubber (30%)
• The insoles are 100% plant-based, made from cork and natural rubber (50/50) and are soft
• All eyelets are chrome and nickel free
• The laces and the lining of the insole are made of organic cotton
• The packaging consists of 85% recycled materials
• 100% PETA-approved vegan, fairly manufactured in Elche, Spain

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